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Anonymous whispered,

Hello there... How are you *looks into your eyes and smiles wickedly* ~Anja Sliech

*Is feeling slightly intimidated, but he doesn’t really care*

…Hello, miss! I’m fine, and you?

corrupted-shiki-doll whispered,

*-* can I keep you

Yes, go ahead~

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sensualflower whispered,

Hello ?! *nervously stands*


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trancylover1105 whispered,

Why do you fancy me so much?

Because rare things are meant to be treasured. Right?

Anonymous whispered,

Where did you get your shorts? They look AMAZING, by the way. :3

Fufufu~ a special tailor made it to me. 

obsessedfangurl12 whispered,

"hello! Alois right? my names michaela. nice to meet you! " i say walking up and hugging him tightly.

"Nice to meet you too, Miss Michaela!~" He said in a animated tone of voice, hugging the girl back.

alice-is-in-her-own-wonderland whispered,

Heyyy Alois!!!! I think ur soo adorable! I hate it when Claude is mean to u... Tell me if hes ever mean and I'll tell ciel to tell Sebastian to beat him up! (not badly tho cuz I know u like Claude ;).... Xoxo! <3