trancylover1105 whispered,

Why do you fancy me so much?

Because rare things are meant to be treasured. Right?

Anonymous whispered,

Where did you get your shorts? They look AMAZING, by the way. :3

Fufufu~ a special tailor made it to me. 

elizabeth-ethel-cordelia-midford whispered,

Hello there, Alois! I'm Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford, Earl Phantomhive's fiancée... Charmed, I'm sure. You've heard all about me, I presume? ☺ Stay cute! ~Lizzie hehe

Oh, of course I’ve heard about you, Miss Elizabeth. It’s a pleasure to see you here.

Anonymous whispered,

Alois ur soo wonderful and cute! Why do u put up with Claude?? U cud get a much better butler.. He's so mean to u... I hate when he's like that to u....:(

"Since the very beginning, I though that me and Claude were equal as master and servant, but with all the things he did to me, I’ve just opened my eyes to the very reality, and then I’ve finally waked up from my illusory dream."

Anonymous whispered,

Yay! That makes me so happy! *hugs*

"I feel happy to hear it, anon <3"

Anonymous whispered,

Hi Alois! Hey make Claude wear sunglasses so he would look like one of the guys from men in black! >D

(ooc: It kinda make Claude look like he were blind, LOL.)

Anonymous whispered,

How Did You Get So Attractive? *major fangirl*

"Baby I was born this way~"

Anonymous whispered,

Ok, so this may be a little out of the blue, but do you like boys, girls, or both? Sexually, I mean.

I like older men.